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(We know what that means: he would be married to the church for life, never to a woman.) Michelle was devastated, and if that didn’t make matters bad enough, he told her that even if he were ever to marry, he would not marry her. After watching him marry the church, Michelle put all hope behind her of a future with Darren. She wrote a final email to him and cut off all ties.She cried her heart out after hitting the Send button, but God answered a prayer: He took the desire that night away from her to have contact with him. During this time and even before, she had begun to cry out to God and get discipled at church.As an adult, Bostick worked for a number of moving companies and truck manufacturers. Louis, Mo.—and Eastern Missouri First Jurisdiction Prelate.In 1939, he became owner and operator of his own moving company. As history would have it, Elder Charles Harrison Mason founded and organized the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in 1897. Church to join the Church of God in Christ where the Lord saved and filled them both with the Holy Ghost. With the ever-increasing membership, a few years later Bishop Bostick moved his membership to Twenty-Second and Adam and then to 2804 Laclede Ave. Over the 98-year history of Bostick Temple, three pastors have navigated the course of this progressive institution.Under his leadership, many people were healed and many miracles were wrought. Oftentimes there was nowhere to sit, for those who arrived to church late.In 1915, Bishop Bostick was appointed the first state overseer of the St. and Jurisdictional Prelate of the Illinois Sixth Jurisdiction. The choir stand was full, the balcony was full and all of the pews were full.

The Lord continued to use and elevate Bishop Bostick. Under his [Owens] leadership, the church was filled to its capacity.By this time, the number of worship services increased to serve a growing congregation. At the age of 90 years old, he submitted his resignation.During this time, the church continued to expand its vibrant outreach ministry to the community. He was hailed as “Pastor Emeritus” until his death.Louis and Western Illinois jurisdictions of the Church of God in Christ. Bishop Owens served in that capacity until 1984 when he left for Newark, N. to serve as pastor of Wells Cathedral Church of God in Christ.Right beside him was his wife Lucinda, who took an active role in all phases or work at the church including various ministries. Bishop Ownens severed as pastor and General Board Member until his death, in 2011.The Beginning When Michelle, a college freshman, first saw Darren on the campus of their university, a thought came to her, “someday he’ll be my husband.” Little did she know how lengthy of a journey she had ahead of her before a “Mrs.” was in front of her name. They became pretty good friends, but he was not interested in having more than that with her.


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