Dating book reviews for men

Almost immediately after changing my profile, I started to get apologies.

The word "counts" has appeared in my inbox over and over again. ") And I get the logic: Here I am, introducing this ~rule~ that many guys have never even considered, and they want to know if they're following it.

Has a primal scene.""Would probably not make a 'fuckner' joke.""Women is ...""Skip.""Pass.""Byeee.""[indescript vomiting sound]""Any Serious Biography of a Dude is already making 100K and says it like that.""Dad.""Dadbro.""Normcore.""Is the subject only famous because of WWI?

""Dockers.""Pleated Dockers.""Wants you to see him as a decider and a dude who would fight for you but then when you're out he actually does fight for you and it is awkward at best.""Nice bedding though, I think.""Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is not working the job he secretly believes he would be the best in the world at.""I have a soft spot for this guy.""Me too.""Because he's kind of a mess, but will take care of his little brother the best he knows how.""Anything by Margaret Atwood is precise in bed.""GET ON IT.""100%.""Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.""HELLO.""Because he's genuinely interested in things outside himself but also just enough of a weirdo.""Yep.

I don't use it well or often; I go months without thinking to check my inbox, weeks without replying to even the most promising people.

But just knowing it's there has been a source of comfort, a tiny well I can lower a bucket into on nights when I need some possibility.

I've become something of an inadvertent confessor for the book-reading single male population of New York City.

Still the infinite scroll of goofy photographs ("like Amazon but for humans," a friend once said), still the barrage of copy-pasted message, still the same survey questions just this side of painfully self-conscious.

The app lives on my phone now instead of my computer, easier to thumb through in the bathroom and pass around to friends when I get an especially graphic or typo-riddled message.

Knows what the Six Sigmas are.""Will ask you earnestly if you're realllllllly thinking about your personal brand enough.""Was really into his frat.""Will give you a Sharper Image gift card as a month anniversary gift.""Still wears his frat shirt when running in the park.""The Hobbit will probably take you on lots of fun adventures.""Awww

Lovvvvvve it.""Like, I would go to second base with him.""Truly likes reading and would be chill reading for an entire weekend with me.""He definitely goes down.""But also maybe wants credit for it?


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