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We kept it on imvu mostly but we did eventually exchange skype info.We never cammed, but we did voice chat a few times and I fell in love with him. And for me, thats a funny thing because I was always one of those people who thought marriage and kids was a silly thing to do on imvu (I was mostly there for djing until I met him).Instead, he avoided me for 2 days and then suddenly put 'seeing someone' on his profile with another girls name there. She joined his rp and changed her last name to his. I put up a message telling everyone that I was going to quit and disable my account.Of course everyone freaked out trying to talk me out of it.Of course everyone was happy I was back and I resumed djing with friends.

He is still there in that rp world, and I dont want any part of it. I'm proud of myself for leaving, but now I'm just trying to forget this guy and get some self-respect.

So I 'divorced' him and tried to do what my friend said.

After lots of tears and anger me and him finally had a talk which led to some 'rp sex' causing me to get my hopes up thinking that maybe he wanted to get back together.

He tried to convince me to give him my account and let him take care of it until I decide to come back but in the end I really did disable it.

People were sending me messages everyday saying its not the same without me and then suddenly I got an email from imvu saying that I could get my account back if I click on this link.


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