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@4.25% INTEREST Now, entering your loan information into a loan consolidation calculator, you’ll find that consolidating your loans CONSOLIDATED LOAN REPAYMENT PLAN gives you a new repayment period, ,000 PRINCIPAL, 0, 25 YEARS which is figured based on the amount you owe– the more you owe, the longer this repayment period will be.

It can vary from ten to thirty years, but in this case it’s going to be twenty five years.

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BANK Entering these numbers into the loan calculator LOAN CALCULATOR, YOUR LOANS SUBSIDIZED LOAN, UNSUBSIDIZED LOANS at gov— CALCULATE, 0/MO on a standard ten-year repayment plan, you’re going to be paying a little over five hundred dollars a month.

Refinancing your debts, and consolidating them into one low-interest loan may help make your month-to-month payments easier, and save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the loan.

CONSOLIDATING STUDENT LOANS Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons of consolidating your student loans.

CONSOLIDATING STUDENT LOANS If you have multiple student loans, STUDENT LOAN consolidation can offer some simplicity to your repayment.

Essentially what happens when you consolidate BANK is that all of your original loans are paid off by your lender and replaced with a single new loan with new terms.


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