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We are so used to looking at them as the enemy, its somewhat refreshing to see the enemy footsoldier's P. Clinical Degree: University of Maryland, Couple & Family Therapy Prepare/Enrich Certified: Yes Available: Sunday (daytime) and Monday (afternoon/evening) Fees: 0/50-min.I strongly believe that no matter what the motivation for coming to therapy may be, clients should emerge from the process with a deeper understanding of themselves, which then translates into a more fulfilled life.My clinical training has included work with all permutations of family systems: individuals, couples, nuclear families, blended families, step-parents, extended families, and beyond.I participate in both as a way to promote the field of couple and family therapy, advocate for clients, and to stay current on cutting-edge research that will benefit my clients.Clinical Expertise I strongly believe that the couple is the nucleus and often the central point of change in any familial unit.During their first night in the bunker, when Kreuzmann is expressing his worries to Ebert about an American attack and the bunker being "not quite right," at the end of the conversation he says "God with us." Aside from being an obvious religious statement, it also refers to the saying that was inscribed on Germany Army belt buckles: "Gott mit uns" or "God with us." This was also common inscription on armour in the German military until the end of the Third Reich, and has a history and usage in Germany dating back as far as the Teutonic Order. Even though the character development is slow, the acting is wonderful. Granted this movie could have been shot better, I am satisfied with its quality.

By joining them in their journeys to growth, we learned much about each other and about ourselves.

Therapy with adult individuals is another one of my particular interests.

One-on-one therapy affords the opportunity to explore intra- and interpersonal difficulties and I have found that clients greatly enjoy the space and opportunity to delve deeply into their unique challenges on an individual basis.

Following a bogus ghost hunt for a missing special ... Many of the Third Armored Division's achievements have been wrongly ascribed to Patton's Third Army due to this confusion.

See full summary » A young student seeks quiet and solitude to focus on an important work but ends up as the teacher of a peculiar boy who is home-schooled by his parents in an isolated bunker mansion. See full summary » Seven German soldiers are enclosed in one bunker during the Second World War. When they hear about the tunnel-system beneath the bunker and some mystic events that had occurred in this place, they soon begin to go mad... See more » This movie is one I'd recommend to anyone. soldiers as the horrific enemy, showing how their troops feared American troops is interesting.


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