Complaints against the right one dating service

But make sure you know how to get out of that free trial in case it's not what you wanted. A lot of online sites automatically renew memberships.So, don't assume that you'll stop getting billed once the contract runs out.You may need to call the company to keep from getting billed again.It's also a good idea to create a separate e-mail account to keep your dating mail.Consumers can file a complaint about a dating service with the following organizations: The New York State Attorney General’s office initiates lawsuits, enforces consumer laws and accepts complaints regarding fraudulent business practices.Okay, so you had some reservations, but you finally decide to try this online dating thing. The FTC asked this same question when people started complaining about their experiences on dating sites owned and operated by JDI Dating.

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To find out whether there are any complaints against the company you're dealing with, go to the Better Business Bureau's site at org.That's exactly what happened to Kate, a single woman in Houston, Texas. Matchmaking services are companies that promise to introduce people to local singles that meet certain criteria. Generally these dating services require that you sign a membership and pay a monthly fee.(She didn't want her real name to be used.) Kate joined an online Christian dating site after a friend recommended it. More than 63 percent of complaints were about accounts that were automatically renewed after a contract or trial period expired.Last month New Jersey became the first state to enact a law that requires sites to disclose whether they do background checks on members.When it comes to vetting dating services, don't let your guard down. With seemingly endless demands on personal time, there seems to be less time for people to devote to such things as finding a significant other.


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