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Alongside noise guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, the late saxophonist Kaoru Abe was in the vanguard of Japan's new music, articulating an approach to the saxophone that matched extreme velocity with an elastic facility with the instrument's most phantom registers and a sculptural approach to instant composition that saw him carve poignant shapes from massive blocks of silence.Abe died too young on September 9th, 1978 at the age of 29.

This is noise avant-la-lettre, but not like the noise salon bourgeois kids shit out these days, this on the contrary is quite mind alteringly innovative, rich in sonic texture and challenging upon spinning it. original pressing and impossible to score these past few years!!Original 1996 US private pressing of this legendary document of the Bay Area LSD and acid scene.Tripped out sound effected, stoned and wasted ramblings, disjointed tape loops all happening simultaneously with the Grateful Dead jamming and spacing out in the background.The soundtrack – which you see here – came out in a delusion eye popping beautiful book like hard cover jacket with cloth bound spine, contained a 30 pages counting photo book for which Jan Vrijman the text wrote with pictures of Appel taken by Ed van der Eslken.On the LP, Woebot wrote some nice words: “Quite a few famous artists have made records.The A-side is a rare avant-garde recording by Ichiyanagi Toshi, consisting out of prepared piano crossbreeding with the austere sounds of the Shakuhachi, making it a juxtaposition in a feverish demented way as opposed to the derelict acid dementia of Yanagida and Apryl Fool on the other side.


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