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Police Scotland confirmed today their enquiries into the incident are ongoing.Meanwhile, a fundraising page has been sent up by friends of Calum to raise money for his family.Speaking ahead of the new series, Nadia said: "We’ve done more vetting, in terms of more checks on social media, and more checks on who, what, where, when – and at the end of the day, if someone wants to come in and say they’re single when they’re not, that’s on them."We can only do so much.But they are cheating themselves out of a really important opportunity."Alongside Calum, other celebrities taking part in Celebs Go Dating's third season include TOWIE's Bobby Norris, TOWIE star James ‘Arg’ Argent, Model Calum Best and X Factor's Frankie Cocozza.It's now somewhat over a year since the last time I so much as opened a fanfic file; my creative juices have almost exclusively been going into original work for years at this time - an original work that I am coming quite close to ready to launch, though as per usual I will not put a set date on it as I really don't know.I'm pretty sure I have all the puzzle pieces but may discover some needing made before everything's fully assembled.Hunky model Calum is one of the celebs on the new line up but finding him a match proved difficult.Speaking on Sunday Brunch, Nadia revealed: "[Calum] was one of the worst the reason is, he gets so many girls that he thinks he doesn't have to try, to learn."So he came in with all the banter, all the chat, and literally the first few dates are horrendous because he just can't get it together."Meanwhile the Celebs Go Dating 2017 cast are definitely single this time around, after Stephen Bear's lies.

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Series three of Celebs Go Dating starts on Monday, September 4.

Top Dog I wrote myself into a corner on; I started going long before I had the core plot worked out, with the result that if it's ever going to go any further it's going to need fully rewritten and replotted, an amount of work (we're talking thousands of hours) I'd rather put into something I can potentially earn a few quid from; Book of Dobby and its various variants were all, at the end of the story, a one-liner joke without the substance to carry an actual story; Enter the Dragon ran headlong into the difficulty of trying to make a Calvin and Hobbes knock-off protagonist grow up without losing that essential Calvin-ness; and The Sea King is, happily, hundred-percent complete.

Just to be clear: I do not receive private messages or reviews from this website and I will not be logging back into this site until it's time to note that I've began publication of my Big Original Project as I dare say a few folks here would appreciate hearing about it.

The show is expected to air each week night for four weeks like the firs two series, so that's 20 episodes in all.

Now she's spilled all about what goes on behind the scenes of the show, starting with the lengthy casting process.“I saw a link on Facebook and I just thought I'd like to meet new people so I just applied for it," she recalled.


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