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LG redesigned its V30 to use an all-glass construction with a modern look on the front with its small bezels […]Huawei Mate 10 Pro firmware files that have been discovered suggest an AT&T launch of the device, which would mark Huawei’s second flagship device in the U. market, the first being the Mate 9, yet not necessarily the second time that a Huawei device has been sold within the region as there have been plenty […]It seems as though the long-hyped Saygus V2 has finally hit the FCC, following years of delays for the handset and a Twitter post back in August claiming it had “passed through” the regulatory agency.

The Android-powered smartphone – dubbed the Saygus V-Squared, by the company – is listed under FCC ID 2ANBZ-F10104215 and bears […]Konami today announced the release of the latest edition of its popular ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ series, PES 2018.

Having said that, Samsung doesn’t mention anything about what those content categories might be, so users who plan on checking out the new content will just have to wait and see what Buzz Feed and Now This come up with when they put stuff out.

Though anyone of any age will be able to watch and enjoy the content that Buzz Feed and Now This produce through this partnership, Samsung also states that part of this deal is to encourage “millennials and generation z” to take part in creating their own 360 content for others to watch.

That’s exactly what this gift guide is all about, being designed to provide you with the best deals on the greatest point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs, lenses, and all supporting equipment and accessories that […]Kanye West could be working on a new streaming service which if indications are correct will arrive branded as ‘Yeezy Sound.’ The information on this comes from a new report out of The Blast which in turn credits documents seen by the publication which confirm representatives on behalf of West filed to trademark the “Yeezy […]Code Weavers now has a beta version of an application called Cross Over for download via the Play Store, which effectively allows several Windows applications to run on Chrome OS.

That means Chromebook users who are willing to pay a subscription will soon be able to download and run alternatives to the Google suite of office applications […]Nothing’s more frustrating for a user than having to browse through a website with a terrible display.

The deal will see both outlets create specialized content using the new handheld camera for consumption on You Tube, Facebook, and other social platforms where other 360 videos from both have already been made available.

The One Plus 5T will officially launch on Thursday, November 16th, the Chinese phone maker confirmed on Monday, adding that its next Android smartphone is set to go on sale in North American and Europe on November 21st.

The Thursday launch event will start at 11 AM ET in Brooklyn, New York City, and will be […]A new rumor suggests that Samsung will use a “new sensor” of some type on the Galaxy S9, and this is according to some information found on a Linked In profile of a Samsung Principal Engineer that is currently working on various aspects of Samsung’s upcoming 2018 flagship smartphone.

In the company’s words, the reason being is its own wired charging solution ‘Dash Charge’ is a “superior choice.” The information on this comes from a new One Plus forums post which explains the absence of wireless charging for the upcoming One Plus phone by providing two reasons why Dash […]The Vive Arts Program will bring VR content to museums around the globe.

Today HTC‘s Vive team announced officially that it would be launching the Vive Arts program as an initiative to help fund the installation of VR content and further advance the “creation and appreciation” of arts and culture as well as help educate people […]With the holiday season being here, we’ve finally entered the best period of the year for shopping for consumer electronics, photography equipment included.


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