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Mostly for the forums and other stuff I’ll never, ever use. You know just yesterday I signed up for a Livestream account. It’s always a pain when they print the key using the “Dot Matrix Indecipherable” font in faded ink and you can’t tell the ones from the I’s or the zeroes from the O’s.

This is one case where digital is superior to having a hardcopy.

Joel wears out a coffee table and Shane leaves skin on his steering wheel drumming along to Life Without Sound...

With a great deal more certainty they recommend you listen to The Ride and then play new tunes from a couple favorite Milwaukee bands...

Feels like living in a Tarantino flick with a grooving soundtrack from the recommended record Freedom Is Free.

An excuse for three best mates with many miles between them to hang out, talk about their favorite hobbies and drink a few brews together.

Joel proclaims 2017 the year of Nintendo and the guys chat about the SNES Classic and Super Mario Odyssey.


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