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And although the talks were ultimately unsuccessful, Pete, you did get your wish for scene of the undead being dragged under everyone's noses and shown off: 'See! 'With such a big, big world to travel, the Dragon Pit meeting will probably be the only time all major characters and sides in the show will actually meet up.It was fantastic all around to see how our fan favourite characters felt about each other and interacted for the first time.And wasn't Sam ALL OF US after yet another spooky Bran moment?Thanks to your expertise a few weeks back Dan Bran spelled out what we all know, that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. DAN: Yes, I noticed Rhaegar looking exactly like Viserys. (Editor's note: No) Which was not what I imagined but I was just glad we did actually see him.

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), but the payoff was just as I imagined it would be.

The only new bit of information is his actual birth name — Aegon Targaryen.

Fitting that he be named after Aegon the Conqueror, uniter of the Seven Kingdoms, considering he may end up doing the same thing. But strangely he was the second son Rhaegar named Aegon.

PETE: The motivations might have been as wonky as last week's Battle-O-Rama Dan, but oh boy did I enjoy the finale to this penultimate season.

It was absolutely chock full of awesome interactions between characters, some not-so-surprising reveals (if you've been reading along with us all season) and some really nice work behind the camera to frame it all from director Jeremy Podeswa.


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