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While most previous studies of health in Israel focused on comparisons between Arab and Jewish sectors, no research has examined the factors possibly explaining the educational disparities in health within the Arab minority.

Based on previous evidence, the current research framework (figure 1) postulates that material, psychosocial, community, cultural and behavioural factors may each contribute to explain the educational inequalities in SRH.

Further examination of factors explaining health inequalities among other minorities is warranted.

However, the factors explaining these persistent associations have still not been completely ascertained.

high) in the associations with SRH after inclusion of explanatory variables.

Results: Education was significantly associated with SRH [odds ratio (OR) = 3.86, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 2.30–6.47].

A total of 1158 households with eligible residents were approached; there were 213 refusals, and, in 43 households, no one was present after three visits.

The final sample included 902 respondents (78% response rate).

Social capital refers to a collective social dimension, while social support measures interpersonal relations at the individual level.

Combining each group of factors with material conditions led to small additional reductions in OR.

Integrating all explanatory variables reduced OR by 54%, with the association becoming non-significant.

Initially, we examined the associations between education and SRH and the sociodemographic control variables.

No significant association was found between marital status, religious affiliation and SRH; thus, these factors were not included in the analysis.


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