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but what about middle range peoples they haven't gain any benefit rather they have to face a lots of trouble.and due to this so many folks has lost their lives because of for taking money they had to stand in the row entire day and their was child's, old age, and others people whose had some kind of disease they used to stands in the line...These were the unaccounted Money and the government has succeeded in fulfilling its motive In the mean time negative sides of demonetisation most of the middle and peoples below poverty line were mostly suffered to change old currencies to new currencies , but not at all one rich people have suffered to change curriencies in bank No, It wasn't right step to back black money from their was helpful only for business tycoon and for those rich people who was favor to government.

There should be proper strategic plan to tackle the mass disturbance occured due to the demonetisation.No, I presently do not support this step of government as it has badly affected small scale manufacturers.Also in the media it was reported that 99% of 500& 1000 notes have been recovered.3)The TA/DA and all the other facilities provided by the govt to govt employee should get reduced so that the money can be used for poor people.At last each and every thing has good and bad aspects both so we should be positive towards our life and be honest to our work Privatization may not bring any huge change in corruption as there have to be always a governing body of corrupt people.I person does a wrong thing only when there is no one to watch him/her. sector there is no immediate authority to punish the guilty for the corruption , while in private there are less people and an immediate authority to take actions so privatisation may lead to less corruption NO, Privatisation not at all leads to less corruption because eradication of corruption mainly lies in the mindset of the people.


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