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The state includes both areas of high wealth (Old Springfield, the center of Capital City), and slum areas (Capital City outskirts, New Springfield).

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The state also contains at least 2,000 Mc Donald's Restaurants, according to Lou.The state is also home to Springfield University, Springfield A&M (which was founded by a cow), and the unfortunately-initialed Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.The state has a comprehensive Interstate Highway system, linking to Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and "some other state." Interstate 95 was depicted in one of the episodes.The state features two international airports: Springfield and Capital City.Springfield also has a nuclear power plant, a naval base, an army base and an air force base.Another, however less orthodox, system is the Springfield Monorail system installed in Springfield, Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook, since closed for safety reasons.


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