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Reapply by logging in to Spyglass and clicking “Reapply.” If you need help logging in to Spyglass, contact our Admissions Office at 850-484-2544.Your application will be processed on the next business day after it is submitted.Because of new rules in Florida, not all students are required to submit test scores.

Here is a video tutorial for how to login to each system.

If you have trouble logging in to Spyglass, please contact the Admissions Office at 850-484-2544.

If you need help with Pirate Mail, contact our Student Help Desk at 850-471-4534.

Adult learners, who want to improve their basic skills, prepare for the GED Tests, learn English as a second language, improve their job readiness skills, or develop skills to enable them to continue their education at PSCThe answer depends on what kind of student you are.

We’ve provided a comprehensive Admissions guide on this page.


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